Entrepreneurship At Purdue Is Dead

Oct 15, 2023

"Entrepreneurship at Purdue is dead."
That's what I heard when I got here in Fall 2020.

After 3 years of building and rebuilding orgs on campus, I learned one important lesson: organizations that use resources as their main attraction often captivate short-term builders, those at the top of the "founder funnel."

However, getting people that are willing to go deeper required a different approach, both at the institutional level and the student level.

Thankfully, under the leadership of President Mung Chiang, Purdue has made monumental strides to back founders at an institutional level (in a matter of months). Purdue Innovates now exists and has quickly become an invaluable asset.

However to this day there still remains a void - a space for student builders to chat, ideate, and connect.

With this in mind, I helped start Founders @ Purdue. Our goal is simple: get builders to meet other builders. We meet every Saturday at 1PM – sharing our triumphs, challenges, learnings, and most importantly, building together.

My hope for the future is that we students will finally have a 24/7 space on campus where we have the flexibility to create new things. Until then, Founders is here so we can continue to support one another at the student level. I have no idea if this thesis will work, only time will tell.

Building something at Purdue? Check out Founders at http://purduefounders.com and let's connect!